Runstall Title The
Rock Experience

11th of December, 2002

This week we had a gig in Nepal. The crowd was Awesome! All went well until Bob tried his "Buffalo Solo" for the song "The Rabbit Died, and I Cried!", where his guitar broke, the thing split in two!! Skuhis guitar broke, the thing split in two!! Skullhead spat fire at the audience AGAIN, he should stop eating them joke sweets! Anyways, we had a great time there, especially at the after party :)
--Jon Bon Jovi--

4th December, 2002

Our album will be out soon, hopefully on the up coming "Chicken Tour", we'll have cds for sale onsite. Come along and join in if you're anywhere near where we'll be gigging! Other news- Bob Hilucinates again, Roger spent half the evening hitting him over the head with a fish :E
--Jon Bon Jovi--

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