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A rewritten engine for the game, Half-life, offering the chance to play this fabulous game on any machine, using any mod, utilising multiplaying access through the local lan or network.



Download Balf Life Beta 1b To test out an early new version. (18/05/04)


So far we have this version working on a few systems, here are the screenshots :-


We've had to cut down on colours as gba only is b+w (or green and white). We could have added the slight bit of code that we've programmed to make the GB actually colour, but thought it'd be useless for the GB fans out there



Again the resolution had to be lowered, but this runs far better than the GB edition, more colourful too :-)




Better, but similar to the SNES' Doom graphics, we are planning to enable a quad screen death match on this system by using the SNES bomberman Multitap



This version was the best version we've played on Half-Life in a long while, we've managed to make use of the Am-405 chip that has been unused by any software from the Amstrad, which, unknown to them actually boosts the Amstrad 464's speed up to the equivalent of a P200mmx! We played on this game for hours, and managed to get the multiple joysticks using the original standard Amstrad joysticks :-)


A sample of the gore quality on the Amstrad, P430R!!! >:E The multiplayer version of the Amstrad will be out soon!!!



You will need to download the file above, and then extract it to a directory, you will then need a copy of the original half life disk, and a linkup to the system you will want to play it on, be that an external tape drive, or flash cart, the software gives an easy step-by-step guide to help install

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