Hello again people!

The Emulator Chicken Zone will be back when I can be bothered. At the moment I'll leave this as a haven for all my work :D

Tim Wilson AKA Emulator Chicken

Its NOW in Chronological order! :-)
If the filetype is Photoshop / Illustrator, the ACTUAL file was created within the program, what you see here will be compressed into a gif or jpeg format.

Filename Description File type Date Created
Supercars 2 Car A 3rd year University Assignment, car was originally taken from the Amiga game, Supercars 2 3DS Max 13/03/05
Wineglass 3DS Max tutorial I followed, then I went off on a tangent getting the materials right ;-) 3DS Max 25/01/05
2 Website designs1 2 2 Quick Designs for the homesite for our Young Enterprise company Macromedia Fireworks 25/01/05
Phil Collins Carling Ads1 2 2 Phil Collins, Carling, Everton and "The Ship" advertisements dedicated to Rigadon Paintshop Pro 23/01/05
Rigby Pro-Evo Promotional Background Both me and James decided to make up a background dedicated to two lovely things, Chris Rigby, and a Pro Evo addiction Paintshop Pro 23/01/05
D-Day Animation Uni Assignment. Why oh why did I used Director - bad choice! hope I pass! Animation to explain DDay- sound wouldn't have affected my mark so none was put in Director 17/12/04
D-Day Illustration Uni Assignment. A2 work, for ... erm, D-Day explaining. Illustrator 17/12/04
Company Logo 1 2 2 Company logo ideas for a Young Enterprise company scheme for the university Illustrator 02/11/04
Pirate Composite Image Mini-assignment worth 2.5% of my module (again), had to make a composite image out of a few originals- OOOARRR!! Used photoshop to create, Works well as a background Photoshop 23/11/04
Carpark map Mini-assignment worth 2.5% of my module (erm), had to make a map for visitors to find a carpark around UClan. Used Illustrator Illustrator 20/10/04
Transplant Player 1 Spaceship I started working in Milkshape from Max due to the simplicity of the program, less options, less things to go wrong :-) Milkshape 3D 23/08/04
Concept Art for P1 Spaceship 1 2 3 Final Concept 4 Concept drawings for the player 1 spaceship for the "Transplant 3D" game project Pencil 20/07/04
Transplant Enemy Spaceship A Render of the Enemy Spaceship 3DSMax 15/07/04
Concept Art for Enemy Spaceship 1 2 3 3 Concept drawings for an enemy spaceship for the "Transplant 3D" game project Pencil 15/07/04
3D Asteroid Model A fairly quick model created for a "Transplant 3D" game project 3DSMax 15/07/04
Half Life 'fake' port site Something I decided to do in 5 minutes of my spare time HTML 18/05/04
Golf's Day Out Flash animation for Uni Assignment - funny :-) Flash 14/05/04
Java Tutorial Prototype A Java Tutorial written in Java Java Applet 06/05/04
Burnt! A point and click Adventure Director 22/03/04
SUPER PONG Enhanced version of Pong Java Applet 04/02/04
CHiT CD Covers CD Covers for a fake chicken band JPegs, Illustrator, Photoshop 12/12/03
Detective Brian Story Story about a chicken detective CSS XHTML 12/12/03
JavCalc A Simple Java Calculator Applet (didnt know much java at this point ;) Java Applet 23/11/03
EmuChicken Zone An incomplete website made in Director ;) Director 01/07/03
Drive in the Golf (Full length) A pursued edition of the amusing animation below. Didnt really know much about Director at this point ;) Director 01/05/03
Drive in the Golf (Short length) A short animation created due to sheer boredom Director 15/04/03
Runstall Website A fake band Website XHTML 12/12/02
Incomplete Ghetto Map This was for a mod we were creating the "Ghetto Mod"... map wasnt exactly completed, but it looks nice, I think :-) .BSP 20/05/02
Jeff A 3d Model with slight trouser bug :-), open with Half-Life Model Viewer Half-life 3d Model 26/04/02
Indy Chicken TFC Map Indiana Jones style TFC map for 2 teams. Planned all out on paper firstly, but in the end the map was a bit small :-( TFC .BSP 30/01/02
Incomplete TFC Map Dont know why I put this in, just did TFC .BSP 30/08/01
Tims TFC First real map made, tons of bugs. Looks alright though, but projectiles fly through floors etc. TFC .BSP 10/06/00
Space Music Module created for a game project, play in Winamp FastTracker 2 **/**/00
Tweety Music Module made in an hour for a competition, play in Winamp FastTracker 2 12/03/00
Warcry Humourous Music Module, made for fun, play in Winamp FastTracker 2 22/12/99
Lovesong "Nice" Music Module, play in Winamp FastTracker 2 06/12/99
Crap Mods All my crap music modules in one neat package- before I knew about tuning, play in Winamp FastTracker 2 late '99
Naturalistic Before I ventured properly into FT-2, I gave MIDI & Cakewalk a try, erm... yeah its not that good Midi 15/04/99
Chicken Groove My second ever music module, play in Winamp FastTracker 2 **/**/98
Brekfast RA Patch v7f A C&C: Red Alert total conversion, final version. Improves important balance issues from the last patch, nicer looking, and also a few fixes. Needs this patch to update RA to the latest official version Red Alert Mod 13/10/98
Brekfast RA Patch v6.3 A C&C: Red Alert total conversion, adds many more units, few maps, and changes your RA multiplayer games to be much more fun :-) Needs this patch to update RA to the latest official version Red Alert Mod 21/06/98
Weeed Wave Sound An amusing wave file I made whilst at a friends house, we had a fun time annoying some potheads at #potheads on IRC :-D Wav 13/11/97
BSiGames - Golf & Worm Games written in QBasic 4.5, by both David Feltell and myself, in an afternoon. Long time ago. Source for worm is included. 2x exe 12/10/97
Nastyman VS The Mean Man Game written in QBasic 4.5, in school, in spare time, long, long ago. Max specs. Pentium 90 QB45 .bas file 17/07/96

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